Madura Satay, One of the Special Satay in Indonesia

Did you know there are various kinds of satay in Indonesia ? One of the most common Satay dish in Indonesia is Madura Satay. According to the name of origin, Madura Satay have a special ingredients from Madura. The common food material of Madura Satay is chicken meat, served with peanut sauce, sweet ketchup, and chili sauce as complementary. Madura Satay is not only from chicken meat, but also goat meat and they can be found in many restaurants or street. Rumor has it that Madura Satay is not so common to be found in Madura, instead it is found in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. Sometimes in Madura this satay is not served with peanut sauce but served with candlenut sauce. So, do you have any idea in mind where to explore some food this weekend? Try to explore Madura Satay in your city! Don’t forget to keep the vendor address. You don’t need to spend much for expensive meals this weekend. The most important thing is to share the joy while dining with your friends. Whatever you are eating, the drink is Tehbotol Sosro. Source :