Rapid Growth of Chicken Noodle in Indonesia

Chicken noodle is one of the culinary that is pretty much easy to find in Indonesia, from street cart to fancy restaurant. It is made of yellow noodles boiled in broth topped with meat and vegetables, and optionally with dumplings, mushroom, and meatballs. The delicious taste of chicken noodle make it one exceptional popular food in Indonesia, whereas originally this chicken noodle came from China, particularly Fujian and Guandong. The first Chicken noodle was made about 2000 years ago during the reign of the Han dynasty. Then developed and spreaded to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and South East Asia then until now in Indonesia. Feeling hungry now? Let’s get a bowl of chicken noodle and don’t forget, whatever you are eating, the drink is Tehbotol Sosro. Source : https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mi_ayam