Variety of Grilled Chicken in Indonesia

Grilled chicken, everyone is familiar with this food. The aroma is very tempting when the chicken is on the grill, especially when we taste it. Along the time, now Grilled chicken already have many variety of flavor. Not only plain chicken without flavor to be grilled, in Indonesia grill chicken have many variety of flavors and taste in different locations. For example in West Nusa Tenggara, there is Taliwang Grilled Chicken. In Java, mostly the kind of grilled chicken called Kalasan Chicken, the taste is sweeter than other types of grilled chicken. Then in Bali there are 2 varieties of grilled chicken. There are Pelalah and Betutu, each has a different flavor. There are still a lot more specialties grilled chicken in other areas in Indonesia. Let’s explore Indonesia and enjoy special culinary dishes with grilled chicken. Don’t forget to take your favorite grilled chicken photo. Whatever you are eating, the drink is Tehbotol Sosro.