History of
Tehbotol Sosro

Tehbotol Sosro name is taken from the brand name of a tea leaves 'Teh Cap Botol' and the name of the founding family 'Sosrodjojo'.


In 1940, the Sosrodjojo family started the business in Slawi, Central Java, produced and distributed the tea leaves with brand ‘Teh Cap Botol’.


In 1965, Sosrodjojo Family began to expand its business to Jakarta by offering product sampling (Cicip Rasa) to several traditional markets in Jakarta.

Then in 1965, the effort to introduce Teh Cap Botol in Jakarta with ‘Cicip Rasa’ strategy by coming to some crowd centers in Jakarta.

They started to brew the tea on the spot in the traditional markets. But this method is not effective to attract the crowd . Then tea was no longer brewed on the spot, but contained into the large pots, to be delivered to the market by using a pickup truck. Again, this method was considered painful, because most of the tea spilled over from the pots in the pick up during the trip to the market

Finally, they found an idea to make a tea that has been brewed in the office and packaged into a ketchup or lemonade bottles that had been cleaned.


In 1969, came the idea to sell the ready to drink tea in a bottle for the first time. Then called Tehbotol Sosro.

Bottle Shape and Logo Changes of Tehbotol Sosro

The packaging design have already changed for three times, the 1st version
in 1969, 2nd version in 1972, and the 3rd version in 1974

Along with the increasing interest towards the product in Jakarta, Sosro produced the Tehbotol Sosro for mass but still in a small-scale industry and used a general bottle design (1st bottle image in 1969)
Tehbotol Sosro changed the logo design and began to put Sosro logo in the bottle neck (2nd Bottle Image in 1972)
Tehbotol Sosro revamped the logo design, at the same time Tehbotol Sosro Bottle transformed the bottle shape to be more unique and prominent. - the bottle shape and logo are still used until now – and the production has started to use high technology machines imported from Germany (3rd Bottle image in 1974)

Tehbotol Sosro Raw Materials

Tehbotol Sosro only use original and natural raw materials. The tea leaves plucked from our own tea plants It is later processed into fragant tea, the mixture of green tea, jasmine flowers, and jasmine gambier.. So as to produce a unique taste, Tehbotol Sosro always maintained and guarantee the quality.